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3. The democratization of the Monetary System, direct e-democracy and the global currency reset


We must do away with the absolutely specious notion that everybody has to earn a living. It is a fact today that one in ten thousand of us can make a technological breakthrough capable of supporting all the rest. The youth of today are absolutely right in recognizing this nonsense of earning a living. We keep inventing jobs because of this false idea that everybody has to be employed at some kind of drudgery because, according to Malthusian-Darwinian theory, he must justify his right to exist. So we have inspectors of inspectors and people making instruments for inspectors to inspect inspectors. The true business of people should be to go back to school and think about whatever it was they were thinking about before somebody came along and told them they had to earn a living.

Buckmintser Fuller
"The New York Magazine Environmental Teach-In" by Elizabeth Barlow in New York Magazine (30 March 1970), p. 30
Buckminster Fuller  may be considered that he  introduced of a new science and discipline that may be called
Global Design for the prosperity of all humanity, and life on  the planet.

It is not possible to have the political system of democracy when the monetary  system is not democratic, but instead it is monopolistic.

The current debt monetary system, as the mass financial destruction of over-debt has shown so far, is no less than a subtle , well hidden and covered financial tyranny, in the western world. And this subtle tyranny has a name "The tyranny of the irresponsible private (power) interests of the central banks" 

The critical and important decisions about the road that the civilizations is headed in economics, technology and power, cannot be taken outside transparent politics, in a secret way, by private groups , enterprises and power secret state-based groups,  more powerful than the governments and democracy.

The oligarchic side power of money , from things to human existences ,  must be revealed and tamed , and gradually will be deactivated. Right now it is "sold" (by the "new order")  a GLOBALIZATION concept based on the MONEY , commerce and enterprises, as if more progressive and needed more for the prosperity of planet, compared to the political powers of national states. It is enforced that national states will become like big corporations (where of course the citizens will be like the employees working for the capital owners). But in fact, THERE IS NO PLANETARY PROSPERITY in a economic system where the money through the "free market" creates and supports VAST ECONOMIC INEQUALITIES  (under the statistical Pareto distribution). Only the power of DIRECT DEMOCRACY  can tame the problem of economic inequalities. At least the old fashioned national representative democracies were fighting and reducing the natural economic inequalities that  the world of business was creating.
And by revealing the non-prosperous function  and delayed speed of civilization  evolution because of the economic inequities, through the money and free-markets, I do not implicate that any  dictatorship or any totalitarianism (like that of the ex Soviet Union, or of nazi Germany ) is a better solution! I do insist in the power of the INFORMATION and the INTERNET as a better globalization than the globalization of the  power of money.  I do believe in an electronic global e-democracy and global parliament, BEFORE any global world government is ever to function. Otherwise such a global government would be simply planetary dictatorship, pushed as an emergency solution. And it is pushed as an emergency solution, while at the same time the same elite in power, 
all the past decades , artificially and on purpose  delayed successful emerging dealings of the problems of overpopulation, ecological destruction , CO2 in the atmosphere that leads to climate crisis and oxygen asphyxiation (e.g stalling on purpose alternative renewable clean energy solutions as the main energy model) .   The power of money must submit, and be dominated by the power of direct democracy , and not the opposite which is right now. As Dalai Lama often says "Humans are servants of the money ,and an oligarchy that has it, while money and its oligarchy should be servant to the totality of the  humans"

Random draw (sortition) , of the ancient Greek Athenian Direct Democracy is the best weapon against the usurpers and manipulation by the (money) oligarchy.

If we make the equation money=water, the current monetary system  would correspond to the next morally monstrous and unfair situation: A group of private companies have taken possession and monopolize all the rain-water and ground water-sources, and when they exploit it, to the farmers that need it, they do not sell it but and lend it!!!. They even persuade you that if your animals drink water, and your corps are watered then you will become wealthy and you will buy water to give it back!.

And if we make the equation money=blood, then we may imagine the whole of a nation as being a single human being. Then the current privatised monetary systems would correspond to someone having taken the liver outside the body, putting it in an artificial pump, and demanding to the human being: I will produce blood for you , but you will have to borrow it, and for every single drop that you will need, you will have to give it back with additional interest in blood. There is no doubt that not only the life of this human being is totally depended on the external owner of his liver, but also that he is condemned to death, as it is not possible for him to produce blood, and give it back as interest for the blood he is using. 

If we make the equation money=time , the situation reminds of an old European tale of the "Clock makers".   In this tale there was a mythic country where the professionals that were making the clocks, had a monopoly, and none else had the privilege to make clocks.Soon this country turned in to a tyranny, as the clock-makers thought that because they make the clocks , they also own the time of the people that use them. They demand huge prices and participation in the government decisions. It is similar with the money: Those that have the privilege of printing them should not think that they also own the right of the users in the goods of the planet.

The most pathogenic (legal) economic unit in the global economy are the banks! Their pathogenic is the fractional reserve ability, which gives them a weak statistical stability, only to become a fatal instability for all the economic system during the economic "earthquakes" of evolution.

The banking cartel of the central monetary bank, in other words the monetary system, is so designed so as to increase the financial inequalities in society. It inherits an increasing over-debt to every body, then it is bailing-out, from over-debt, a minority of larger organizations that chose to be  associated to the banking cartel of the central bank , and is leaving to bankruptcy the rest of the world, of households, enterprises and even whole public states. For the damage in society of economic inequalities  see e.g. 

As we read in posts 1 and 2, there is a healthy "pattern of flow" or "hydraulics" of the monetary system, that does not create over-debt.
And not surprisingly this healthy "pattern of flow" or "hydraulics" is simply the democratisation of the monetary system.

It is hard to believe that we still repeat pathogenic techniques in the monetary system, that go back to the 17th century, and that the Central Bank in a Domestic (or multi-ethnic like EU) economy is not own by the state(s) but a small group of private enterprises  (it seems almost entirely private banks). It is like allowing in a state, the army to be owned by a small group of private enterprises!

This situation of the current western monetary systems, where the sector of private banks owns the central bank, is unprecedented in the history of the human civilization
In the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine empire) the issuing of money was a privilege only of the state. The same with the Roman empire in Rome. And if you argue that these states where not democratic and brutal, let us go even back in time: In the democracy of ancient Athens in Greece, never the privilege of  issuing of money was ever granted to any person or few private families. And the same with the old Chinese empires. I hope that the contemporary Chinese will resist to this pathogens of the western monetary system, and would never allowed it. And furthermore I hope that the western societies will democratise and return the ownership of the central banks to the states.

In spite the deceiving names, "European Central Bank", "Federal Reserve" etc all these Central Banks  are not own by the state, but by other private banks (traditionally the owners are not revealed, but the history of the formation of these banks give the hint, that are again the major private banks).

When the central banks print money, they record it at first in the Liabilities of their balance sheet in accounts that include the cash in the cashiers, and as they lend it with interest, they record it in the assets. In this way, the gains from printing money from zero in their cashiers do not appear as gains finally , only the gains from the interest when lending it. What is more "strange" is that when they record the newly printed money at the Liabilities first, there is no one to which they ...owe these trillions of  money!!! Maybe nevertheless one day they should put in these accounts the name of the true lender to them of the newly printed money: The public states, and the people, as when the money is printed it is essential a public good, not a private good. Then from this point of view, it is the reverse: The public sectors, enterprises and households do not have over-debt to the owners of the central banks. Just the opposite: The central banks will be  in debt to the public sectors and people, and they will never be able to give to them back the vast (invisible) profits they had made by printing money.  

The democratisation of the monetary system requires  new changes compared to what is happening right now

This can be done in two opposite ways (top-down or bottom-up).

a)  We give the right to all enterprises (including the households) to print money (or their own currency) in amounts according to their size, and under transparent clear rules (e.g. through an appropriate electronic currency in the Internet). In particular we encourage private organizations that issue alternative electronic currencies and function with direct democracy (cooperatives)

b)  We make the central bank entirely public (only the public sector has the privilege to print money) , and give to a public non-profit organisation the task to distribute the newly printed money  in the public and private sector, not through lending (less than 20% through lending) by through subsidies and investments.

Let us concentrate to the method b) which seems easier to be done right now without technology advance of the Internet,  but only by changes of laws, if only the politicians were really representing the public  and not the oligarchy of the money.

1) The Central Bank (e.g. FED etc) which has the monopoly to print money is owned by the state. Only individual US states maybe shareholders of the central bank. In particular in groups of states like the European Union, each participating country in Euro has a  Central Bank owned by its state which has the right to  print euros under transparent and with collective consent in EU laws and rules. All of the central banks together make a EU-central bank thus owned only by the individual EU states.

2) No Central Bank is allowed to lend the newly printed money to other banks or enterprises, or public sector. 

3) There is a non-profit public organisation entitled to distribute the newly printed money, under transparent laws and rules to the public sector, enterprises and households (not as debt but rather as subsidy).

4) The banks cannot utilize the fractional reserve rule. When money are put as deposit  in a bank, the bank is paid (not pays) a rate, to handle keeping the money, and conduct transactions. This  is the only profit banks can have. Banks are not allowed to  lend any of the money in deposit. 

(the fractional reserve rule is the very root of greediness of the banking system. The root of its instability, and  based on this derived instability, the banks blackmailed the state to deprive it from the privilege to print money. Since the rule of the gold is not the way of the monetary system anymore, there is no real benefit for society to apply the fractional reserve rule. On the contrary it creates major harm to society)

5) Any surplus accumulated cash, of the public is lent only from the state, from the public's taxes, and no fractional reserve rule is ever applied. 

For the elimination of the artificial over-debt in the current banking system, it seems that a relatively fair method is based on the next two steps.

1) The Central Bank eliminates all loans of the last few decades or from the time of its establishment, of the printed currency that it has lend to other banks , public sector, or other institutions

2) Each bank, or other institution, that had a loan from the central bank of newly printed currency, which has now being eliminated, is obliged to eliminate loans to other parties of an equal amount of money.


About the Global Currency reset.

There are already many who talk about the Global currency reset, and among them the ex director of the IMF, Christine Lagarde.

And here is a site decicated to this concept

Here is a site with similar ideas and recommendations for a simple change of the monetary system that would prohibit the crisis of over-debt returning periodically every 50-80 years.

If on the other hand for the major currencies like USD and Euro, the democratization is not predicted to happen in the foreseeable future, instead of waiting to be democratised, and their central banks to become public  , a direct cure,  for smaller units like municipalities and communities, of the over-debt effect is to issue their own parallel local currency, where only the local collective authority (municipality, community, state) and not any private sub-group, has the privilege to print it. In other words such a  local parallel currency is free from the over-debt pathogeny.  
(see e.g. )

 The power of economics through its financial organisations,  should not be stronger than the power of public politics. In  such a normalized monetary system, the average enterprise will have liabilities less than 1/3 of its total assets and not more than 2/3 which is right now. In other words financially  mainly responsible and owners of their business. Having debt about 2/3 of the assets means alienation both financial and psychological although not necessarily legal. The above in very simple terms is the cure of the over-debt of the monetary system. In a cured from over-debt monetary system, "banking" and the re-distribution of surplus money, need not utilize fractional reserve. The dominating mode of  financing in  a cured from over-debt, monetary system is not lending (non-ownership)  but rather investing (co-ownership). The development of new laws around the  crowdfunding through the internet may facilitate the passage from lending to investing, in financing that right now is a privilege only to larger enterprises that are in stock exchanges. Traditionally stock exchanges was the alternative method of financing, not through bank-debt. 

About the details of fractional reserve in banking see e.g.

And as we may notice in the links below in the monetary systems of the above economies that have the central banked owned completely by the state, the national debt is less than 33% of the GDP in most cases and in only two case less than 50%. That the central bank should belong to the people, and the state is the first step. The second is that it never lends more than 20% of the newly issued currency annually.

An excellent description of how the US monetary system (FED) works:
The more evolved individuals and society we become the more we shift from the pattern of win-lose (controlling)  or lose-win (being controlled) to the pattern of win-win (what mutually we seek), and lose-lose (what mutually we try to avoid).Win-lose (or pray-predator, or domination) modes, lead to waves of self-destruction. Win-win modes (or cooperation modes) lead to stable and permanent happiness.



Every man has a right to be free from economic want of survival, from the birth until old age, regardless of working conditions. Every man is entitled equally to the cultural heritage of knowledge, of methods for health therapies, of goods services and technological achievements for survival (food, clothing, health care, education, house, transport, etc.). This of course means the basic survival allowance at all ages.
No economic oligarchy or those that “have” have any right to manipulate the majority and tose that “do not have” through the need of survival.
Not all people have good intentions for their fellowmen, and society, and thus there exist crime. Unfortunately economic inequalities create crimes. It must be tried through political and social institutions (taxes, benefits, etc.) not only reduced economic inequalities but create a system of essential and not only formal bureaucratic justice that protects every citizen or groups of citizens from injustice and crime. This includes the military defense against external enemy and criminal invasions.
3. FREEDOM OF THE HUMANS FROM THE VIOLENCE OF NATURE and those of the ways of natural life which are not in accordance with human soul consciousness and human spirit.
The cycle of blood and death, from animal to animal for food survival is something that for millennia man has tries to escape, and to shift from the jungle to a human society with mutual respect human rules, and laws with positive empathy, mercy, compassion, etc. This violence may still indirectly continue i in society, but to the extent that society is not a jungle, this means also that it is evolved. Man is looking iside him in order to find the way of mental, spiritual and cultural development and not necessarily in the ways of the visible biological life.
Culture and psychic and scientific knowledge normally , develops so that increasingly releases each person from death and disease. It can not be accepted anywhere a hidden oligarchic scientific, genetic manipulationof the masses , in the past, present or future, of the human civilization from hidden groups, to another human civilization or society, (e.g. artificial viruses, falsification of DNA, artificial diseases and biological weapons, etc.) so as to exercise control, servitude, biological degradation, and manipulation.
5. FREEDOM OF THE SEX, COUPLES LOVE AND PARENTAL LOVE FROM violence, indirect slavery, envy, malignancy, lies, deceit, hypocrisy, manipulation and ulterior motives.
Love is a paramount experience, and must be protected.
The man should be morally and emotionally free. 
There is no more dangerous and insidious slavery of man by that from his manipulation by his emotions, desires and his weaknesses. .The emotional and moral world and how each person feels for himself, his actions and choices, that does not infringe the freedom of other people, it is perfectly within the individual's freedom of will, and not subject to control by others without mutual consent . Nor is it legitimate a direct or indirect moral emotional manipulation of the individual.
People should have the freedom of speech, oral and written, and the creative freedom of artistic expression, provided they do not violate the freedom of other people. This freedom is also directly correlated with cognitive and intellectual freedom.
No minority organization either with good or evil purposes has no right to hide from humanity, evidence from the human history, or of the history of life on earth, or observational results of natural phenomena, experimental results, or data related to the morphology of the planet internally or externally , or of other celestial bodies. Data on the knowledge of man, life, and physical reality, should not be hidden in order to retain the ignorance of the masses for easier manipulation and servitude, or for use of hidden knowledge at the expense of the many. Prohibiting research and knowledge, with different excuses is unacceptable. But also this knowledge and technology must not to be use against humans, or the life on the planet itself that humanity resides.
Societies have the inalienable right to social democratic political self-governance. It is known that the most perfect form of democracy is direct democracy, which in today's society of information and the internet, is easily feasible.
Forms of hidden oligarchies, whether of financial, or of technological nature, or other form of power that consider humanity being of two speeds, is incompatible with this principle. Humanity should not be a 2-speed civilization ie a split in to a) to the masses who have to stay in ignorance, underdevelopment, and defective, without true freedom but a fraudulently imposed illusion of freedom, and b) in a tiny minority with abundance of issued money and high hidden technology, which is not a product of discoveries of the mankind, and that this minority secretly seeks to despise, dominate, manipulate and oppress as a parasite a "sinful" majority. Cultures with such polarization, it seems to have a low rate of evolution and are usually doomed to periodic partial or total self-destruction.
Man should be free from spiritual and metaphysical systematic control and alienation and must seek the moral and spiritual truth and development within him and the humanity that he lives.
We need to seek the creation of ourself, as perception and experience, inside us and inside the human society we are living.
Not everything from the teaches of the different religions are lies or worthless, but it should be understood that religions are not the monopoly of any source of morality and virtue, and every metaphysical superiority.
Nor should religions become the vehicle, of oligarchic, moral and spiritual manipulation of the masses (violating religious freedom principles and freedom of the will, etc.) or indirect influence for such respective finally manipulation of the masses by social, non-religious hidden or not, authority minorities, and oligarchies.

We may have to remind to  ourselves, in this economic crisis, the basic operating principles of the current societies.


"The reality of the experience of life, is based on a system of spiritual and perhaps subconscious (implicit) or  explicit beliefs. Changing these beliefs will result in changing our reality and changing our fate. "

    This principle is crucial, as it determines that the society is to function without violating civil liberties. The seven basic personal freedoms are
1.1) The spiritual freedom (freedom of religion)
1.2) H freedom of political decision (Democracy, or rather direct-democracy)
1.3) The   freedom of he creative-expressions (freedom of speech)
1.4) The moral freedom (freedom from fear)
1.5) Economic freedom (freedom from  want)
1.6) The physical freedom (actions, activities).
1.7) The freedom of private property (having).

(Here Roosevelt is stating 4 of the essential freedoms
          Because of 7th individual freedom of private property, it is necessary the use of some form of money (not necessarily banking money). It is the nature of money and of the free market to create economic inequalities. If there was no private property, then we would not need to use some form of money and the economic and living standards inequalities  would not be inevitable. Only political power , especially direct democracy can  tame and reduce economic inequalities. Not the oligarchic economic power itself. Inequalities in society (economic, authoritarian, other social power etc.) is a source of misery, unhappiness, crime, lack of trust, mental illness, etc. The current social  inequalities are not identical with the actual psychic  meritocracy. A society with many inequalities has slower evolution  and is a less advanced civilization, compared to  a society with fewer inequalities. E.g. the killing capacity inequalities for survival in the jungle is a system of most slow collective evolution. From this principle it follows, that a monarchical or oligarchic society evolves more slowly than a democratic society. And   at least for this reason democracy  is preferred. Money and the economic power, can not unite people and bring prosperity, because it is in the nature of money to create  inequalities. The political power, particularly of direct democracy can tame and control  the economic inequalities with laws and institutions and bring more justice. The principle of equality applies also on to that all citizens are equal as far as the laws are concerned.

         This principle suggests that the primary treatment of each of our fellow man is positive and not negative. The morality of  mercy, compassion, and positive empathy is a key element, creating equality and the ability to combine up individual talents into a collective civilization of the society, so that  conversely each person can benefit at maximum from the society.


           The power is not only the political power i.e. the legislative and the executive, but there are very significant other powers, such as economic (private sector), military, religious, and the authorities of the function of the state (public authorities, and services, justice, police, etc. ). To these we can add the more impersonal, like th power of science and technology.
 Furthermore we may distinguish the powers to
1) From people to people
 2) From people in inorganic physical reality.
Based on the principle of equality, the second type of power is ore appropriate and ideal for the humans compared with first type.
The powers have priorities and reversing these priorities can and has became a source of misery , unhappiness and crimes. E.g. The economic power (the private sector) should not take precedence and override the political power, or the political power to succumb and bend to the oligarchic economic power. Political power has the top priority among all. Money and the economic power, can not unite people and bring prosperity, because it is in the nature of money to create inequalities. The political power, particularly that of the direct democracy can tame and control  the economic inequalities with laws and institutions and bring more justice.
BUT every form of power, and the political also,  exists so as to serve  the human  (immortal) soul and its evolution. Power is not an end in itself.

       5) THE PRINCIPLE OF CONSISTENCY (Justice, education etc.)
           Society would be neither serious nor viable, if it did not practice  the principle of consistency. This means does not mean only that law should be enforced with  justice. E.g. in education, the principle of consistency means that, all the knowledge that is essential and crucial  for the survival of the civilization, must pass across the totality of the new generation. Not only the basic and elementary knowledge while the rest and more advanced to  a minority only. This maximizes survivability and the successful continuation of the civilization.

    According to this principle, every individual has not only rights in society but also obligations. The basic obligation of each person which is also a virtue, is the participation in society and its functions. The person should tend to be social. Each individual is offering to the society according to his abilities, and is receiving from the society according to his needs. On the other hand, this principle, pushes the society to participate in wider sets of other societies, based always on the respect of the above principles.


According to this principle, the small organizations (municipalities, local government, enterprises, universities, etc.) should tend to operate, in decision making, as the political democratic decision-making in the large scale public sector, and not vice versa.

The large scale, undertakes to decide only what the small scale is not in a position  to decide (subsidiarity). The larger the size of a society, the greater the opportunities, of a common person, to benefit  during the mortal life  from the society more than  what  he himself is able to offer to the society.

Speculating about how the rest of the financial system, should be so as to function in a more healthy , stable and solvent way, here is an extract from a blog about ecological communities and their "internal macroeconomics". From these remarks we can easily deduce how the global economic system was initially intended to be.


Here is in the form of a table, a list of 5 beliefs of our educational system, in the realm of sociology , psychology, and economics  that do not seem to fit with the inner consciousness of the human existence, and should be replaced with more evolved hypotheses. 





1)Money is the natural way for a society to function

1)Somewhere in the distant future the  evolved earthly human civilization will   not utilize money to function   internally.

2)Human work has to be bought and sold with money.

2)Somewhere in the distant future of the evolved earthly human civilization the human work , will not be bought and sold, as this would be considered form of indirect slavery.

3)Only if you sell your work you have the right to live.

Somewhere in the distant future of the evolved earthly human civilization, every human individual , will have from birth to old age's death, the right , for free, on the basic survival means of living.

4)A man who lives from his timely paid work can  inherit from the civilization only as much as his money can buy.

5) Inequalities are considered optimal
form of social functioning

A civilization with its century old accumulation of inventions , goods and services, normally should offer in each individual, in almost all cases,  more than what the individual offers with his work to the civilization, within his mortal life.

5) The more evolved the earthly civilization will be the more the equality will be considered optimal form of social functioning, not the inequality. 

Here are some guidelines for the internal macro-economics and finances  of communities and federation of communities. Compared to the current in the societies they are renormalized, without the known pathogenesis.We write having in mind the eco-communities, but unavoidably we also get our model from an alternative macro-economic structure in all the society. We write having in mind the eco-communities, but unavoidably we also get our model from an alternative macro-economic structure in all the society.

Before we proceed to the details we state here some philosophical-sociological-economic ideas on which the next rules are based.

1)    The economic structure is essentially a power structure from human to humans rather than from humans to the physical reality. Money (as well as votes) can be defined as a technology of exercising of power from human beings to human beings and objects. Through that power of money  is established  the economic inequalities of to  the share of individuals and nations in the wealth of the planet.
2)     In a distant future development of individuals and society, there would be no need of power structures, besides the individual and the society as a whole. Neither it would be necessary to utilize money at all. But this is not applicable in a current state of evolution, where many individuals have strong desire and will to apply power over other people (or have other people apply power to them). If in the current state of evolution an economic system would allow only the power of the individual and the public state, without any intermediate private sector, it would occur, totalitarian and tyrannical phenomena  similar to those in the communistic Soviet Union and China.
3)     It is therefore almost unavoidable that intermediate power structures (“private sector”) must keep the balance to avoid tyranny. The organization units of this intermediate structure are shaped because of a) the individuals strong desire of power over other people b) through the “free market” game of “private property” and c) after the social law of universal attraction, that leads to a Pareto distribution of  volumes of power.
4)     In the current system to regulate this “private sector” power structure can be done through two tools a) money b) voting. (Both are "technologies of transfer and propagation of rights of power from humans over other humans and objects", which create power structures. But the voting tool is a bit more advanced, it is used mainly by the public sector, as it involves principles, expression, etc versus mainly only action that money involves).
5)     In a future more advanced evolution the regulation and creation of "private sector" power structures, can be done entirely through the tool of voting, while money may have been entirely eliminated.
6)     A “private sector” with intense power (economic) inequalities creates unhappiness, crimes, and violence. Any improvement from the current state to more evolved would involve lessening the power (or economic) inequalities.
7) Traditionally a small group of individuals that is in the highest  power  in the private sector, has less power than a small group of individuals that is
      in the highest power in the public sector. That is why  spiritually and in consciousness non-mature people are more dangerous when they are in the highest power in the public sector that when they are in the highest power in the private sector (see e.g. the ex Soviet Union). But if a society has to evolve normally, fast  and effectively with spiritually and in consciousness mature people in the highest power, then these people must be in the public sector rather than in the private sector. The more the individuals become more evolved and mature in spirit and consciousness, the more the public sector is safe to become and it becomes larger and stronger than the private sector. 

A. Morality renormalization at the scale of the individual and the household.1) Money is essentially destined to be exchanged with objects mainly, not so much with abstract intangible services, or other abstract values as "value of an enterprise" or "value of the whole of the community" etc. The more advanced the community , the more it will refrain from buying even human labor, as it is nothing else than soft-slavery. The human soul is involved in the human labor, and human existence in personal time. The abstract-use of money occurs not at the scale of household, but at the scale of enterprise (surplus wealth=capital=operational power, buy an enterprise) , domestic economy (buy.....a nation), and global economy (buy....the planet). The more advanced and uniform the community the less the use of money, the more the demonetisation. The abstract power of money (from the enterprise and above,surplus wealth=capital=operational power) may be substituted with the political power of voting. The more advanced the community, the more the economic interplay is shifted from win-lose or lose-win, to win-win or lose-lose. The more advanced the community, the less the financial differences.

2) There is a minimum household wealth that everyone has the right from birth till death. And there is a maximum household  wealth (which is also protected from any bankruptcy) . Any surplus wealth above the maximum household wealth, can be used for enterprises and business but not for the private household. Surplus wealth is  a weaker form of ownership compared to household wealth.

B. Monetary system macroeconomic renormalization
3) If the community or federation of communities is to issue  their own currency, then no private group can have this privilege other than the collective of the communities. There must be an reasonable frequent inventory of the objects of coins and paper-money, (not financial value) so that each time the communities "print" or issues new money, to replenish from the diffusion to external social environment or for other reason (increase of the population of the community etc) ,  only a limited percentage of it can be lent (e.g. <20%). The newly "printed" money is to circulate mainly  through investments, subsidies, payments etc. The above rules guarantee that the currency will not be led to non-solvent over-debt by issuing and lending 100% of the newly issued  money by any private subgroup. The currency is issued by the community with the following rules: For each person it is printed every month 3 equal amounts of currency (A,A,A) e.g. if A=1,000, then  1,000+1,000+1,000=3,000. The first 1,000 it is for the unconditional monthly income for the person, the second 1,000 for the community, and the 3rd 1,000 for the environment and the rest of the world. Each year the currency loses X% of its value (the percentage x%, is to be defined by collective decisions, and determines the amount of money M0 in circulation). We call this rule the gradido rule. The quantity A, can be defined by the formula  A=(a*W)/(3*Y*P)  where W is the total wealth as assets of the public state, in current prices, a is the percentage of the assets that should be in money (liquidity), e.g.a=20%-33%, and P is the total number of individuals in the society. The coefficient Y , is set , as if all money are saved simple mathematics prove that with X% annual decrease of the value of money, the accumulated money per individual is Y*A.  And the coefficient 3 is set, as money are issued in three amounts of A. The coefficient a and its adjustments, may be the object of political decisions. As alternative rule to the gradido rule , (called here the water-cycle rule) the amount of issued money per year, is exactly equal to the amount of decrease of the money in circulation, due to the annual X% decrease rule, that is X%*Amount_of_money_in circulation (here we mean M0 or M1 money, not M2, M3 or M4, that is banknotes and coins, and possibly bank deposits only). This rule makes money flow behave as the water-cycle in nature. The evaporation of water from the sea and the lakes, corresponds to  the rule of decrease by X%, while the monthly issuing of an equal amount of money which is given to each citizen, corresponds to the rain, that supposed to fall for all creatures.  Again as a further alternative, the money do not lose annually in an obligatory way any of its value, but a tax is set at the total wealth of each citizen or economic entity , and the three equal amounts paid monthly are derived exactly from the totality of this tax. The latter rule has the advantage, that foreign economies that keep currencies reserves from this nation, do not suffer from any loss of the value of this currency. Such monetary systems that are different in the details from the gradido monetary system , may be called cyclic-money monetary systemsWe must notice here that the current taxation systems, focuses on taxing the flow of money (services, sold goods , consumption etc) which makes the income of the state, highly unstable in crises. A more stable and simple system of taxation would depend more on the total wealth of each individual or economic entity, and less on the flow of money. 

3.1) There is a minimum size and a maximum size for a community that issues its own currency. The main reason is so as to avoid a big size difference from the wealth of each individual and the common wealth of the community, so as to avoid phenomena of totalitarianism as those in the ex Soviet Union.  This is also in accordance with the wisdom of the ancient Greek civilization, that considered cities not larger than a maximum size, as a basic feature of rational, balanced ensouled, and democratic civilization as contrasted to monstrous size cities, kingdoms, and steep Pareto distributions of wealth distribution that eventually create crime and violence. 

4) No classical banking business based on fractional reserve rules, is to occur with the currency of the communities. The only "banking business" intended (called here safe-keepers) is the historic initial role of the banks, in other words , individuals or groups may give their valuables and money, for safe keeping, and for this they must pay the safe-keepers reasonable fees. The safe-keepers do not have the right to lend any of the valuables that are deposited to them. The absence of the greedy banking  fractional reserve rule eliminates the classical instabilities of the financial system. Also enterprises that match lenders with borrowers, without any fractional reserve rule, and so that never the ownership of the lent money is not on the inter-mediating company, are healthy substitutes of banks. They maybe called money-mediators, but they are no banks!  As enterprises issue public-co-ownership (shares) and public-borrowing (bonds) (even outside any stock-exchange but always so that all shares and bonds are always bought and sold on the same price, so there are no any capital gains)  the role of banks for public lending of enterprises is redundant. The lending compared to investments is kept low (e.g. lending=0.25*investments) and it is always with zero interest rate. This guarantees that money circulates perpetually compatible with a sustainable permaculture, and not exponentially which is incompatible with natural resources long term behavior    

C. Enterprise, microeconomic renormalization.
5) Enterprises in the communities may be shaped, but to avoid the classical psychological and financial alienation, the shareholders mainly are the employees of the enterprise, External share-owners may exist up to e.g. 20% of the equity, and have less rights compared to internal shareholders.
Even better if all enterprises are non-profit type of enterprises.
The liabilities of the enterprises are limited always to less than 25%.  The liabilities plus the external owners cannot be in total more than the 33% of the assets.

5.1) Enterprises are of 3 sizes. Small, Medium and Large.
For medium and large size enterprises, in order to avoid decisional domination of a small group of shareholders to the rest, a quantitative rule, prohibits of individuals having significantly larger percentages from the rest of the shareholders.  The above rules make sure that the legal owners of an enterprise are also the real financial owners of it, so alienation is avoided. For the medium and large size enterprise to function in a democratic way (like democratic state rather than a totalitarian oligarchic state) the decision of a manager to take a position must be a double confidence election : Both from the higher rank managers, and from the lower rank employees. 
For medium and large size enterprises, the decisions to elect a board is not taken through voting  only by the owners, but through voting with appropriate weights of all the stakeholders (much as is done the voting and elections in Universities) In other words, the owners, the employees, appropriate samples of suppliers, and customers, and agents of the public state vote too. 
If a medium size enterprise grows to a large size enterprise, then automatically,  shares from the private owners (prefered of week ownership not strong ownership, see 2)) are transferred to the public state, as a type of donation, so that the public state owns at least 51% of he shares.

5.2) The totall accumulative assets of the private sector, P, cannot become larger than m-times the total assest of the public state. Or converselly the public state cannot become less than a particular size compared to the private sector.

5.3) The enterprises have also the right to issue currency as the public state has. (Actually a public state service, does so for the enterprise). In this way they do not have borrow from the state, or individuals, and so the private sector is  in equal setting as the public sector. If A is the amount that the public state issues currency for each person in 3 amounts (A,A,A) , then the enterprise also issues every month for each person of the enterprise (employees, owners etc) three amounts (B,B,B) to be used respectively as 1) persons salary, b) enterprise needs c) the environment and the rest of the world. The formula for B is as the formula for A, in other words B=(a*We)/(3*20*Pe), where We is the total assets of the enterprise, a is the percentage of assets as cash, and Pe is the total number of employees,  owners etc of the enterprise.  All enterprises utilize the same coefficient a. This currency too which is identical with the currency issued by the public state, loses its value by 50% every year so that we have asymptotically stable amount of currency and no creeping inflation. With the above rule the amount of money depends both on the population size and the volume of good and services produced in the society, so it is a mixed monetary system.

These rules are intended to a) give sufficient liquidity of money to the enterprises so that they do not resort to borrowing, b) decrease the economic inequalities c) make sure that no  private sector enterprise becomes stronger than the public state.

D. Stock exchanges and "free market"  macroeconoic renormalization.
6) Stock-Exchange phenomena may occur between enterprises, but as the historic term signifies, they are for the purpose of creating stable portfolios of business for each enterprise. (exchange of inventories)
To protect this original intention the next rule applies: Each share (security) is bought or sold only at the fixed accounting value. This value never changes or fluctuates, Thus any one buying shares cannot lose , only not gain(he will buy them and a price and will sell them at the same prices). What is expected to gain is the dividend from the operational profits of the business. The above rules make sure that enterprises are open up to some degree to the public, but at the same time there is no risky game that makes the majority losers and a very small minority winners. 

E. Cross currencies exchange rates global renormalization.
7) If different communities issue different currencies within a federation , their relative cross exchange rates is always equal to 1. This rule avoids  unfair abrupt devaluations or overvaluations simply from a minor demand supply interplay, to the currencies of whole communities. Furthermore that total imports and exports balance of each "domestic economy" is regulated in such a way, that never the net negative balance  (exports-imports) is more than Z% of the GDP, where the size of Z% is determined by a democratic collective decision. 

Final remark: The previous rules of renormalization, restrictive as may be, will have the effect to eliminate over-debt, economic bubbles, and instability. But they will not eliminate the economic inequalities, as this is the result of a) The "hunger" from people to have power and dominate other people, b)The existence of the game of private property c) a "free market" even restrictive as it is set-up as above. 

To set an example of a chorological estimation for the required time in global planetary evolution relevant not only to economics but also to all the principles and values in this Blog here is an example that covers all of the Aquarius Age of 2,000 years from 2,000 till 4,000 A.C. which is essentially a short description and variation of the visionary book by Paul Amadeous Dienach with title "The valley of the roses". 

2000-2300 A.D. Gradual resolution of the problems of overpopulation, ecological destruction, CO2 emissions and climate change, nutrition, tyranny brutal or subtle  and local wars. Through a new nobel prize in physics, the physical science discovers the equations of the unified aether-field (unification of electromagnetism, static gravitation, aethorodynamics or antigravity). It become also more clear that most of the energy of the gravitational field comes from the infrared  solar radiation.  In this way the old energy model with the CO2 emissions is substituted with a new from clean and cheap ubiquitous renewable energy.  Not only science can photograph now the aether , but also a large number of people have sufficient high frequency in their physical bodies, that can "switch to aether vision" with their naked physical eyes. The economic systems is gradually renormalized to more human, wise and really better intentions and implementations. People  gradually get free from the hastily race and slavery for financial survival, which does not leave time and energy for inner and spiritual self-development.  The massive carnivorous habits of humanity give place to a nutrition model closer to vegetarianism. The challenge here for the earthly civilization, is resolve the above difficulties as fast and as smooth as possible, avoiding a great scale war and disaster during 2000-2400 A.D.Also to avoid any early and on evil purpose World Government that would be essentially a tyranny, from visible or invisible powers, that does not reflect the real evolution of the  human consciousness, with the excuse of urgent planetary problems, problems that may have been accentuated  on purpose by the same powers.  Before any global Government, a global consensus and global election-able Parliament must have been shaped first through the internet and with the rules of  a participatory-direct democracy. 

The extinct  "tyrannosaurs"  here are 
1) The banking system with the fractional reserve rule and the monetary system as we know it
2) The uncontrollable child mortality
3) The old energy model with the CO2 emissions
4) The irresponsible destruction of the physical environment. 

2300-2400 A.D. Final establishment of a Global Planetary Parliament which is combined with direct electronic-internet democracy elected by direct voting , random draw and rotation from all Nations. Its members are not politicians of businessmen , but scientists, engineers and technocrats and humanitarian philanthropists. The money, the banking system , the enterprises, the stock exchanges and the monetary system as we know it do not exist anymore. Nevertheless a kind if vote-money is used and the private sector and National Governments are kept as a counter balance of the power of the Global Parliament and global Direct Democracy so as not have totalitarian phenomena like than in the old Soviet Union. The private property in a limited way, still exists, the planetary resources are re-distributed, a minimal basic standard of living is established for free for all people. The publicly known and open contact and affiliations with other galactic or extra-galactic civilizations is in a common public awareness and subject to democratic voting. 

The extinct  "tyrannosaurs"  here are 
1) The dominance of the businessmen and politicians as the leading approach for the global planetary welfare. 
2) The pretented planetary isolation from the rest of the galactic civilizations
3) That any type of conflict or big change in the civilizations should be always only through a war.

2400-2600 A.D The great challenge here for the earthly civilization from 2400 to 2600 A.D. is to avoid a global  totalitarian system similar or softer to the case of the old Soviet Union, or even worse a global tyranny e.g. through a crypto-piracy over the Global Parliament from evil powers. At the end of 2600 A.C. the private sectors and the national governments are almost of no importance anymore, people have acquired a planetary  consciousness  and the functions of the elected Global Parliament by direct voting, are increased, without the overall power structure  being a totalitarian system. It is not allowed anymore the buying and selling of human work-time as it is considered a form of indirect and partial slavery. All payments are in the form of dividends  The transportation inside and around  the planet, takes place  mainly through aether propulsion , and flying discs.

The extinct  "tyrannosaurs"  here are 
1) The dominance of the private sector in social life
2) The indirect and partial slavery of selling human work-time for a living. 

3) The dominance of any one only  national state as leader for the planetary welfare

2600-3400 A.D.  Although economic inequalities are almost non-existent there are still inequalities on the used level of technology. A large number of people have become telepathic in a natural way. Science has an unprecedented evolution. New truths are discovered about the interior of the earth, and its history going back  millions and billions of years. The  internal sun of the planet is discovered , and the large cavities from vegetation and animals of larger size than he corresponding of the surface of the planet. The first few cities in the interior of the earth are built. The medical science makes use less and less of drugs and pharmaceuticals and more and more of sound, color, light and meditation.  The people are still in spiritually weak and sluggish and continue to count the success of their life with the utilization of material possessions and technology. 

The extinct  "tyrannosaurs"  here are 
1) The "survival-race monster" in the life of the individual
2) The  "money standing" as the main factor and persuit in the individual's life

3400-4,000 A.D. The individuals acquire and develop  an unprecedented powerful spiritual ability that could be called Hyper-vision or Hyper-Intuition , that allows them the contact with the “Major spiritual light”, and “The Direct Knowledge” and gives them an stunning ability for powerful intentional clarity and creativity. A new Universal voiceless inner visual telepathic language is created for all the civilization. A new Golden Age of the Civilization. Some of the  members of the Global Parliament are not anymore scientists or engineers but  Universal Creators”. In other words the synthesis in the same person of the talents and qualities of a Philosopher , Scientist, Artist, Mystic etc. During these centuries for the first time are created universal languages with alphabets that are 3-dimentional inner-vision-images, that are projected telepathically from mind to mind without external sound, writing, or internet. Science has by now discovered the inactivated and dormant DNA in the cell , it has being activated and restored, and the human DNA has now many more than two only strands, as it was initially. All in the society, not only the basics, are free, cloths, food, house, transportation, entertainment, scientific research, art-creativity, there is no  private property, the people are essentially vegetarian in nutrition habits , there is no animal slavery or zoos   etc. The science has now a glimpse of new transportation principles, that of "field gates" , that tranascend the flying discs technology. Especially as earthly people are informed about this transportation method by more advanced galactic civilizations. But although earthly science starts to have concepts about  it, they are far behind so as to apply it universally.   Those future people would seem naive to us, very sensitive , non-pretentious and without cunning ulterior motives in their relations while at the same time of elevated awareness. It is not possible to lie now to another man without being sensed. There are no material inequalities in the civilization. The only inequalities are of reputation,  honour, and public appraisal. People work not more than the current equivalent of two years in their entire life, and do not count their life long  success with material possessions but with the inner and outer spiritual self-development. Needless to say that the duration of the human life is remarkably longer, in an  undreamed way, compared to the duration of human life during e.g. the century 2000-2100 AD. 

The extinct  "tyrannosaurs"  here are 
1) The human intellectual inadequacy in the individuals life
2) The  indulgence to private interests, versus collective interests
3)  The "monster" of animal slavery and the opression  from humans to animals.

Of  course the above is simple an example of global time evolution. Personal or small groups time evolution may be different. The human history is full of examples of famous spiritual personalities like Pythagoras, Plato, Newton etc that although where in the present in their contemporary civilization, their spirits were far in the future . 

We may notice here a similarity pattern between he evolution of the age of Aquarius (2,000-4,000 A.D. and the age of Pisces 0-2000 A.D.) In the age of Pisces about at 4/20 of the age (4th century A.D. the Christian religion becomes formal and the official religion of the known world. It corresponds to the forecasting that about 4/20 of the age that is about 2400 A.D. the Global government is established on the planet. And as with the age of Pisces about at 16/20of the age  that is at the 17th century the enlightenment starts e.g. with I.Newton and the new sciences. Similarly for the age of Aquarius it is forecasted that by the 16/20 of the age that is at 3600 A.D. the hyper-vision is established on all humanity and a new enlightenment era starts. While for the age of Aquarius, in between 2400 A.D. to 3400 A.D. a kind of dark age is for humanity, exactly as it was in the age of Pisces, from 4th century A.D. till 1400 A.D. In short, the first (0%-25%) and last (0.75%-100%) parts of the age is from the side of light, while the middle part (25%-75%) is from the side of darkness! Both light and darkness seem to balance.


Here is the description of the gradido monetary system which is based on the economy of nature. 

A monetary system almost the same with gradido was applied in Worgle of Austria in the previous crisis of 1920 with great success. 

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While searching for a new monetray model, for a viable and sustainable humanity, and planetary life, the inspiring social and psychological principles and values are not unimportant. We are in search for really ETHICAL SOCIAL ECONOMICS. 

So I take a list of such relevant values, for some blogs that I am a follower, that I find appropriate for a eally ethical scientific economic research.  

Here are 7 principles and  21 liberating values, that,  as it seems to me, help us proceed to the right direction from the point we are now in our present state of the earthly civilization.
In past states of humanity and in future  states of humanity (e.g. after 1 or 3 centuries), the best 21 values might be entirely different sometimes seemingly opposite!

 A concise in wording review-list of the 21 values is the next. 

The principles can be considered also as SPIRITUAL GOALS , and in spite of the term spiritual they may have also much of practical and social activities efforts. They may be considered also as advanced but true human rights.

1)The  principle of the freedom from want for unconditional right to a  free , healthy, happy and prosperous material and economic  life
2)The principle of  the sexual freedom for the right to a happy sexual life ,happy family life and happy atomic life with respect to its privacy and personal information. 
3) The principle of  the social freedom for right and obligation for a fair , honorable  ethical and free social and planetary life
4) The principle of the emotional freedom for the right to a happy and free emotional life, positive empathy, and love
5) The principle of the expression freedom  and right  to free   expression and communication.
6)The principle of the creative freedom and right  to honorable, joyful creativity.
7)The principle of the intellectual freedom for the right to perpetual education and a happy and ethical free intellectual life
8) The principle of the spiritual freedom for and right of the honorable human being as spiritual and volitional existence with a free will, with spiritual principles and eternally improving. 

V1: For the individual and the nature:

The  principle of the freedom from want for unconditional right to a  free , healthy, happy and prosperous material and economic  life

1) No other individual or group has the right  to determine how the individual will think and feel about himself (herself) without his (her) consent, other than the individual itself.An individual human being , at a final deeper analysis, belongs neither to family, nor to community, nor to church, nor to state, nor to society. A human individual is not property. This does not mean that each individual must put an emphasis to his (her) self, above and in damage to others, the society, and the world. Individuals achieve the maximum of the mutual benefit and coordination of their intelligence, when they work for the benefit of the totality of humanity and the planet. (And even better for the benefit of the totality of congruent and of similar principles and values other civilizations in the galaxies).

2) The survival of the individual and the survival of planetary nature are in a win-win interplay. The civilization is to refrain from exercising violence and indirect destruction upon nature, instead is to conduct  eco-sustainable practices. Animal rights are respected and sentient animals are honored  The adopted energy model is of CO2-clean, ubiquitous and cheap renewable energy. An unconditional minimum income from childhood to old age should guarantee the decent survival and minimum living standards for each individual either he/she is working or not. 

3) As human beings we have the right of  responsible freedom of self-determination and we seek to become truly self-confident and free to  be responsible as much as possible for  our self, without being coerced to accept some higher institutional authority, or allow private groups to disorient  degrade and jeopardise the quality and true values of private and public life. The  quest for freedom of will goes deeper and deeper. Individuals have basic bill of rights respected by other individuals, authorities and communities, that include the right of survival food, drink, cloths, shelter, health care, freedom of expression and basic education. This may mean that the community provides a guaranteed, unconditional minimal survival and well-being income, for all ages, either one works or not. 

The more the human individuals and society evolves, the less the usual power structures (even as above) are needed. The more the human consciousness evolves, the more the hierarchical power structures in the society, (either in enterprises, or public state services.) are realized and perceived as abuse to the human consciousness, and abandoned and substituted with other non-hierarchical interplay. Almost, as in the ideal republic of Kalipolis of the ancient Greek Plato. The more evolved individuals and society we become the more we shift from the pattern of win-lose (controlling)  or lose-win (being controlled) to the pattern of win-win (what mutually we seek), and lose-lose (what mutually we try to avoid).Win-lose (or pray-predator, or domination) modes, lead to waves of self-destruction. Win-win modes (or cooperation modes) lead to stable and permanent happiness.

V2:  For the sexual life  , and the  family:

The principle of  the sexual freedom for the right to a happy sexual life ,happy family life and happy atomic life with respect to its privacy and personal information. 

4) Sexual life is a significant part of human happiness, and is respected and encouraged in its private different forms, as long as in its turn respects community and social life. 

5) The choices of the details of sexual practice, and the modes of  couples life, like agreed monogamy, agreed polygamy etc are entirely the responsibility of the involved individuals and are not  forced by religions, society or other groupsThe erotic life is liberated from fear, feelings of guilt, humiliation, superstitions,  lies, pretence and deception.

6) Family is encouraged as long as there is parental and social possibility of decent survival. The children growing up is protected. 

V3:For the community experience and society:

The principle of  the social freedom for right and obligation for a fair , honorable  ethical and free social and planetary life

7) The main ethical values in a community are spiritual freedom, economic freedom and moral freedom. Equality, brotherhood and justice  are values that always we  must try to reach. Other goals are  are  truth,  trust, mutual support, beauty, goodness,  responsible participation, and a similar  experience of life of shared values

8) The basic principles of what democracy means, as a win-win interplay of the individual and the collective, and as the optimality of wisdom and intelligence when all minds in a community are involved in the important decisions for the community, are respected and the details of how it is conducted are re-decided according the size of the communities. One of the best examples is the ancient Athenian democracy. 

V4: For human relations , love,  emotional life  and happiness:

The principle of the emotional freedom for the right to a happy and free emotional life, positive empathy, and love

9) The keys for a non-violent and happy life in intimate  relations are  truth, and respect of any explicit agreements for the time interval agreed,  plus love free from, lies, fear, humiliation, guilt,  pretense, hypocrisy, and violence.

10) The diamond rule: 
--- Do not do upon others what you do not want they do upon you and they do not want to do upon them, after making sure that this does not damage the society as a whole.
--- Do upon others what they want to do upon them, and you want they do upon you, after making sure that this does not damage the society as a whole.

11)  Emotional life, is very important for most of the people, and cultivation of higher virtues like hope, faith, enthusiasm, loyalty, optimism, fairness , sympathy, kindness, cheerfulness, humour,  altruism  etc. is a primary orientation

V5: For economics, communication, creativity, and reputation:

The principle of the expression freedom  and right  to free   expression and communication.

The principle of the creative freedom  and right  to honorable, joyful creativity.

12) Each one receives according to its needs and contributes according to its abilities. Wealth must be acquired by the application of (scientific) power from humans to the nature and matter , rather than from humans to humans. Economy can be regressive or progressive.

The more the truth, trust, fairness and responsibility are developed the less the use of money is necessary. Although society is evolving through cycles of  decrease of economic differences and centralization and  of  increase of economic differences and decentralization, the long term perspective is the decrease of the economic differences. Money was means of facilitated relative fairness, and now it has become means of crypto-piracy , power abuse,  manipulation of the democracy, and social mass destruction of values and quality of life through artificial financial Darwinism and large economic inequalities. The more evolved individuals and society we become, the more we shift from the pattern of win-lose (controlling)  or lose-win (being controlled) to the pattern of win-win (what mutually we seek), and lose-lose (what mutually we try to avoid).Win-lose (or pray-predator, or domination) modes, lead to waves of self-destruction. Win-win modes (or cooperation modes) lead to stable and permanent happiness.

13)  Creativity is to be respected and desired both in the life of the individual and in collective community  activities. Creativity is  one of the most significant expressions of our spirituality.Creativity may act as norm and discipline in daily life, may cure alienation and facilitates individuation.

14) The individual's creativity or collective creativity is parallel to  the natures creativity (growth of life, birth of children etc), and is the response of the human spirit to the nature's creativityCreativity may be regressive or progressive. Creativity, if progressive, it  is to be compatible with healing the nature, the society and the individual. 

15) Through creativity  there is the opportunity to seek for excellence, pioneering peak performance, and through communication find  esteem and reputation in the community and beyond.  Communication is both a right and a virtue. Individuals are to be treated with courtesy and respect by everyone else; If they are treated  discourteously or disrespectfully , it is a reflection on the others not on the individual as long as he (she) does not accept their treatment of him (her) as right.

V6:For intellectual life, education, arts, sciences and controlling our fate:

The principle of the intellectual freedom for the right to perpetual education and a happy and ethical free intellectual life

16) Basic education is a right that every body has from the moment of his birth. Through on going life-long  education we acquire  skills, practical expertise and information about the worldThrough on going life-long self-education we are uncovering our own talents, and are lead to self-improvement, and spiritual inspiration. With a living education we have  an opportunity for honouring the self,  and others, for loving, for better  relations, of  accessing the unlimited collective intelligence, for spiritual inspiration and for disciplined practice.

17) Through education, intellectual life becomes possible, and with it, scientific research and power. Thus we may control more and more our fate and become happier.  Scientific practice may be regressive or progressive.  If progressive, it  is to be compatible with healing the nature, the society and the individual. The quest  for knowing and controlling  physical reality leads to deeper and deeper levels of it. 
Scientific technology must be  

17.1) free from deception for other people, 
17.2)  free from the will to apply it for the good of few only, instead of all, 
17.3) free from any crypto-piracy to open democracy and its principles
17.4) free from any tyrannical dependence to any alien civilization.

V7:For spirituality and the cosmos:

The principle of the spiritual freedom for and right of the honorable human being as spiritual and volitional existence with a free will, with spiritual principles and eternally improving. 

18) Ultimately human beings are , spiritual beings.   We may think of breathing as a metaphor for the spiritual interplay.Life would not be  worth living without self  inner analysis and perpetual  improvement. Inner-attention, inner-listening, cultivation of visions, meditation, or  praying, self-knowledge, cultivation of positive mental and emotional attitudes etc, are primary goals.Science seeks to produce effects with the horizontal causality within the material density-reality. But as spiritual human beings we  have also miraculous abilities of producing effects through vertical-causality (spiritual intention) among the different material densities-realities and levels of consiousness . To become balanced spiritual human beings we have to balance those two different ways of producing effects.

19) The paths to spirituality, religions and the search for the sacred and non-sacred are many. We value freedhom of religion. 

20) Attending the world with a more true knowledge is changing ourselves for the better. We value the research of the origins of humanity, civilization and different life-forms. The values of interplay between different communities and societies apply as well for different planetary civilizations of the galaxy. 

21) The critical and important decisions about the road that the individual and the civilizations is headed in economics, technology  power, and galactic affiliations, cannot be taken outside the individual, outside transparent social developments, and outside transparent democratic politics, in a secrete way, by private groups , enterprises and power secrete state-based groups, more powerful than the governments and (direct) democracy.

As a contrary comparison here are some beliefs that create the reality of the experience of personal and social life for many people in the current civilization. Needless to say that I consider the beliefs below rather wrong.

1) In order to have the right to be alive, anyone in any age, and have access to the resources of the ecological planetary biosphere, or the inherited inventions and achievements of many past generations in the civilization, you must earn the necessary amount of money. Other wise you are not entitle to the above rights. 

2)That the economic inequalities are not less   than 20% a reflection of the meritocracy of the have ones versus the non-haves ones, and more than 80% a result of the law of activities "money attracts more money". On the contrary they are more than 80% the result of meritocracy,  are therefore fair, and that there is no statistically certain fact that a percentage of the population will be lead in to a miserable non-livable life and it is therefore  not a responsibility of the economic system.

3) The economic inequalities (e.g. as described by the Pareto rules of 80%-20%) are the natural and best mode of evolution of the societies.

4) Every form of success and self-realization and creation of personal competence and value in life, is also the creation of personal financial  wealth.  The more the personal value, the more the economic difference from the average person's wealth. In short money and personal wealth  more or less count also for personal value.

5) Only the state, is the appropriate power to take responsibility and solve all problems of life and society, and I just wait to take advantage of the benevolent solutions. 

6) The right and exclusive privilege of the private industry of the banking system, to issue ("print") money  and circulate it exclusively through debt, does no create in a periodic way massive financial destruction in the societies. 

7) The right of the capital, to buy whole companies, and their human resources power, or the human working time, it is not a form of partial and indirect slavery. 

8) The jungle-law of the powerful animal, as the one that by definition  applies and creates suffering to the weak animals , is also a universal law in the human civilization.

9) Love is a state of weakness. Most often it leads to loss of freedom of loss of personal or social power and unhappiness. 

10) In order for some one to have a successful and happy life, he/she must start by acquiring money and creating sufficient wealth. All else, more or less, will come sooner or later. 

11) The emotions are the most important aspect of the human consciousness and must have the last word in the human decisions. 

12) The only motives of people, so as to do what they do in their lives are survival, (including  sex and  procreation) or money (the economic security, or the desire of becoming rich). 

13) The only true value in human life is to fall in love, then to make a family and have children.

14) The natural state of a human being is suffering and unhappiness. Happiness is a rare  intermittent state. 

15) Most things in life are not determined by a human being. They simply happen to him. Few only are determined by him and for few only things he/she is responsible in his/her  fate. Therefore the external conditions determine much more the life than the internal conditions of his/her existence. 

16) Each individual is mainly his/her worst failures , weaknesses , fears and problems.

17) You abilities and worth, are only what you can prove from what you have done (e.g. by a CV).

18) What you are, is mainly what others believe or assess  about you, and not so much what you believe and know for yourself. 

19) Truth , and reality is mainly almost entirely the negative, undesired or ugly  realizations of thinking. And conversely the negative, undesired or ugly  realizations of thinking, are bound to be the truth and reality.

A timely sequence of the evolution process of creative changing or creating  the self based on the choice of new values, is as follows

The private space:

1) The Wandering:
Where we come from, why, our purpose and gathering our "tools".

2) Initiation:
Preparing our own path, each one different and hopefully centering.

3) Honoring:
Understanding the Source of our creation. Recognizing the sacred in oneself.

4) Stating Intention: Realizing and acknowledging ones true purpose to create Self.

5.1) Surrender : Letting go of control to allow vulnerability. To learn what is already known.

5.2) Embrace our own hidden-self :
Walking into the unknown parts of Self. Being and becoming the Void.

6) Lighting the Flame in the Heart: Connecting to Self and finding meaningful, honest, ritual.

The public space:

7) Transformation: Climbing the ladder of self-responsibility, to hold a vision of Being in One-ness, Being the vision that alters all perception.

8) Becoming Human: Empathy and compassion toward all. Being in truly responsible relationships.

9) Walking The Path: Integrating all of life's experiences. Being a teacher by Being.

10) Service: Discarding the illusion of separateness. Total approach to life in humility and joy.

11) Believing in , honoring, and service to the deeper Existence:
Giving value and practice to the Existence is the creation of Self.