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2. Debt monetary system: A mass social destruction, weapon, of artificial financial Darwinism. The trick of the "Draconian Measures"

Now it may seem that the "preference" of the central banks to lend the newly printed money to the private banks  (which usually are the unrevealed owners of the central bank) is a  kind of "innocent and harmless preference" in a free economic system, but in fact it is far from innocent or harmless. 

The monopolist situation of the central banks create "The trick of the Draconian measures" (=very austere, severe and brutal measures) . Which is the next plan: 
With the situation that the central banks of euro is creating in the economy, we create a debt-crisis, and then we ask for "Draconian Measures", that is severe emergency measures (like utterly destructive thrift , or obligatory overwhelming borrowing etc)  that give us the opportunity to pass what we really want (like buying the strategic productive units of a society).

The recent examples of bankruptcy or controlled and almost  bankruptcy of Island, Greece, Ireland, Portugal (Spain, and Italy are very close etc) proves that it is a financial weapon of mass social destruction in the hands of a capital  oligarchy of private banks which usually has power greater than politicians and governments and also own major parts of the mass media. Under a logic of Artificial Finacial Darwinism, the borrowers are publicised in mass media as the guilty factor, while this oligarchy turns attention away from the fact, that with all standards they violate the spirit and maybe the  letter as well of the US antitrust law, and EU fair competition law, when creating over-debt with the newly printed money. E.g. the "quantitative ease" QE1, QE2 of FED  that since 2008 till 2012 have doubled the existing hitherto M1-money dollars. Or the ECB, that during December 2011, printed 3-4 trillion euros. The major part of the crime is not that they printed new money. In a Democratic, non-monopolistic monetary system, there should exist the freedom to print money. A return to a rule of gold would create more injustice due to the rather biased and unfair distribution of the gold by now.  The major part of the crime is the biased way that they  force the newly printed money to flow in the society: They  lend it to private banks (essentially the bankers that are also the unrevealed owners of the  central bank) which in their turn they lend it to the public sector, enterprises and households, so as to circulate.

The greediness to create unlimited wealth and more important, unlimited influence in politics and social power, for the owners of  these private banks, through the unlimited ability to print money in the Central Bank (that they also own), creates the pathogens of the "hydraulics" of the over-debt in the monetary system, which in its turn has the far reaching effects of  financial,  mass social destruction of countries, enterprises and households.

The current over-debt monetary system, as the mass social destruction of over-debt has shown so far, is no less than a subtle , well hidden and covered financial tyranny, in the western world. And this subtle tyranny has a name "The tyranny of the irresponsible private (power) interests of the central banks"

As I see it more than 80% of the blame for the current crisis is on the irresponsible corrupt private interest of the central banks (US,  EU, Japanese, etc) that monopolise and  abuse their privilege of issuing money, own this money, and by lending it and lending it on interest.
With mathematical statistical certainty this abuse will end to an over-debt crisis unemployment and massive financial destruction.

And what is more horrible, is that the more an over-debt crisis is created for countries, states, or households, the more the central banks will profit, by printing new money and lending it to those in need. In other words over-debt crisis is an excellent opportunity for  private interest profits for the Central Banks and other private banks, that are also owners of the Central Bank. Not only they create the over-debt crisis, but they profit more from it the more they create it. Unfortunately such a tactic of the 
Central Banks, can be induced to other organisations like IMF, or whole states.

The private central banks like FED, and ECB, are 1) Has made the public economy to be non self-sustained, and autonomous 2) has created overwhelming debt for both the private sector and the public economics 3) has deprived vast amounts of money and wealth from both the the private sector and the public economy 4) Is the major source of economic inequalities in the economies. 

Letter to psychologist about his perceptions for money:

My Dear friend, I admire many of your videos, but dear friend your perceptions about money are unfair and insulting to the majority and are entirely from the point of view of the oligarchy that already  has the money. Of course many "rich"' Gurus say the same, but its not true it is simply convenient to them. Please learn from what I write here. You say that you get back in money what value you give to the many. There are infinite many examples of great people, inventors, scientists, artists, religions founders etc that have offered great value to the civilization and have taken back nothing at all from money. On the contrary there are plenty many super rich people that offer to the society nothing but  misery, disease mental and physical , even hatred and they are rewarded with huge amounts of money. All of them are claiming what you say, so as to explain the money they have as a  result of a cosmic law. Money is simply  means to create inequalities in the society and a technology to apply power from few human beings to the many. All the advance civilizations in the galaxies, that are at least 3-4 thousand yeas ahead, do not use money and equality prevails. There is no true cosmic law behind money, which is simply a complexity exaggeration of this particular planetary civilization. Your money richness is subtracted from a great number of your followers that many of them are broke or very poor and as it is always they give money to the more rich, and you have to deal with this honestly and not conveniently. I do not say there is no value in you videos, but there are hundreds times more videos from a great number of other people with great value to the many, and these people  gain absolutely nothing from money. The Pareto law "More of the 80% of the wealth is concentrate in less than 20% of the population" is a instance of the activity law of attraction "More money attracts more money".  The "value" that money is assumed to measure is simply a delusion. What money claims that it can be measured in reality in cannot be measured. The claim of money to be universal means of comparison of the value of everything with everything is a universal cruel dictatorship in the human feelings. The Economic system on this planet was designed already from the time of Sumerians  (about 7,000 B.C.) with the only true and hidden purpose to create slaves with the delusion of being free. And that is where we  are right now. Selling your "time"   to survive is simply slavery a bit softer than that of the Roman Empire. If you are really advanced your only hack about money should be this 'MONEY IS THE MEANS OF INDIRECT SLAVERY".   And you should help people get rid of their feelings of guilt that they do not have money.And encourage them to claim goods for surviving and happiness either they earn money or not.  Everyone should be entitled of a survival subsidy for food, cloths, shelter, health and transportation as inheritance of the civilization either they work or not. Instead you say  "I have money because I offer something value, you do not have because you do not offer" Exactly what the rich people claim. Very insulting and unfair. You confuse the value of the goods (that money can buy) and their positive energy with the intermediate means which is the money. The universal energy behind money in the humanity of this planet is negative and close to hatred towards humans in the majority. Deal with it. The only "positive" thing about money is that as means to exercise evil, it is more noble , random and imperceptible compared to direct brutal violence and bloody war tyranny.  The more we are awakened the more we demand an economic system with new rules that looses and  stops the various forms of subtle money tyranny and  slavery. And if we are lucky after 2 or 3 centuries we might get rid of money completely in the civilization.   PLEASE BE WITH THE SIDE OF THE MAJORITY OF POOR PEOPLE INSTEAD WITH THE SIDE OF AN OLIGARCHY OF RICH PEOPLE IN YOUR PERCEPTIONS OF MONEY.

The only good thing about money or its "positive" aspect you might say, is that for those that consciously or unconsciously are oriented to exercise evil in the civilization and the collective of human existences, then money offers a vehicle to do it in a subtle , indirect , statistically random, impersonal and "civilized" way compared to the brutal evil e.g. of a tyranny or war.

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